Dan Carpenter… the #Fireland Savior.

  • Dan Carpenter

2,000 years ago the Lord, our God, sent a Savior to His people. A lowly carpenter, named Jesus, sacrificed Himself so that we may live.

Fast forward 2013 years.

The Miami Dolphins, a once proud franchise, found itself mired in mediocrity. A fan base divided… those who supported Jeff Ireland, and those with a fully functioning brain. A savior was once again needed… and once again it was a lowly Carpenter.

According to a Wall Street Journal story, a locker room rift was born the moment Jeff Ireland drafted Caleb Sturgis in the 2013 draft. Apparently Dan Carpenter was well-liked in the locker room, and the players didn’t mind losing games because of him. Weird. The article does a great job explaining why the move was so poorly received.

The FO’s treatment of Carpenter even led some players to ostracize Sturgis… as if that was a positive solution (see “bullying”). The article also outlines how the lack of leadership led to the team’s current state. Including other examples like the 2012 leadership council being shown the door… opening a window for Richie Incognito to sneak through. Go read the article if you haven’t already.

To think… I was happy when Ireland drafted Carpenter’s replacement… little did I know it might have sealed his fate. It finally makes sense why some fans screamed “Jesus Carpenter” every time he missed a kick.

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