Things Zombies Say Part II

Reaction to latest Ireland post

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My latest post created quite the stir this weekend. The reaction I got on twitter was very positive. However… it wasn’t as well liked in some circles. @G_Nazari reposted it on, and at last check, it had 844 comments… with the overwhelming majority of them calling me a “DICK”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a giant dick, but these knuckle-draggers aren’t qualified to call me that. Below are a few of my favorite comments. Enjoy. 

TRUST IN PHILBIN……IRELAND IS THE MAN…..BIM, BITCHES……..and the “whiny vaginy’s” can go suck a bag of contaminated dicks.
I think of what a dick DICK sounds like when we’re heading to the playoffs and he’s standing there with his pants around his ankles and his thumb in his mouth.
It’s easy for someone to sit there and rag all over this team due to it’s more recent history and blame it’s problems on one person but the fact of the matter is you can’t leave out how much of a role The Big Funkin Tuna played in the whole process.
Ireland just took over not long ago and you are starting to see some results.
Are there holes? Yes, there is. But, most rosters have some holes here or there. The point is, there aren’t as many holes here as there was in the past.
We’re much better off with Csonka, Kiick and Morris too but like Ricky they are all retired making this a stupid moot point.
I have no issues with the talent brought here. DT (Daniel Thomas) is just a chess piece that if utilized properly will pay huge dividends.
I don’t care what anyone thinks of Ireland, and you do your hate in a fun fashion but DICK here is just clueless and idiotic.
Dick isn’t good enough please refer to this author as DICK, thank you
IMO, Ireland will have a fair amount of evidence to be judged after this season. Who knows how much control he had under Parcells, while working with Sparano, and now with someone who finally understands today’s game in Philbin.
“DICK” seems to have misplaced malice towards Ireland when it should be directed at BILL PARCELLS.
That “DICK” actually raised money to get Ireland fired tells much of his (lack of) character an his absolute lack of football knowledge.
my biggest complaint with ireland in the past was we didnt have a QB or many playmakers. but now we do have a qb and some playmakers, so now its all on the coaches to make it work IMO
ok, we all know we have a losing record for 4 years, thats common knowledge. what we dont know, is how good we will be this year, and with all the extra talent brought in, expectations are understandably raised
This is no time for the High Horse the season is about to start everybody is 0-0 and we must unite with the team. It’s Our Time!
In rebuttal to your spin and drivel it could easily be argued that in the years leading up to Ireland being the GM the team was in it’s worst state ever, and since in comparison the team has been pretty competitive week to week with a chance to win most weeks and had one playoff appearance
obviously the author hasn’t been following miamis draft picks over the last 20 years. this guy doesn’t have a clue!
Philbin worked a miracle getting us 7 wins last year with the talent we had, or lack thereof, on offense
I think we’re OK at TE. That’s JMO
um, I think the COACHES decide who to “keep”…
Like our roster going into the season baring any OL injuries. Hope Jerry is in shape. Was a bit concerned about only 4 WR on roster but with Clay, Thiggy, and Eggs, I feel ok with it.
I’ve been saying for a while that Ireland is not your leader but a fine #2……he delivers what he is asked to provide. Hard to blame him if the right thing is not asked for.
DT and his 52nd concussion? Yeah two vs. 52 is very accurate stuff. LOL
Despite the bloated ego that allows you to think that you know something more about running a football team that people who…you know…get paid to do so, you actually are not possessed of any great insight regarding football players, strategy, or business acumen.
You’re not a scout, you’re not a GM, and you are not a Dolphin’s fan. Go plague anther teams electrons with you’re tripe.


  1. Gigi

    Absolutely embarrassing and I must thank you because I am totally done with that blog. You did a great job most of them are delusional homers who only want to see their point of view and no facts or reality/

  2. Gigi,

    I’m sorry it came to that. I’m just a dude posting my opinion on my own blog… in my spare time. Don’t quit now… just keep posting my stories and driving up traffic/clicks. Those dudes love to hate me.

  3. bat

    LMAO ..As a regular poster on the blog in question, I formally disavow myself from these comments. You set off a zombie apocalypse amongst the Kool Aid craving Jeffy sycophants

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